still pregnant

Hormonally, I am still pregnant. I called my doctor’s office this afternoon, and his nurse told me that my HCG levels are still not at zero. I am not completely surprised. They are currently around 2000. So I will be back at the lab on Monday, and most likely the following Monday too.

I also learned that my doctor is on vacation next week. This means that I should probably go in earlier on Monday so that the test results might come in on Tuesday (the last day his nurse is in the office). I am still not sure how they get the results or how long it takes. I suppose I should ask. I need to pop into the office to get more forms. If traffic isn’t bad, the round trip is about an hour.

Have I mentioned that we aren’t allowed to have sex until I am back to zero? TMI? Sorry.

How about a riddle? What comes after the Easter Bunny, but before Santa, and is scarier than the Boogie Man? If you have read this blog, you know who is breaking the rules and crossing to this side of the Pacific. Brace yourself, West Coast! You have no idea how much I want to take refuge on the other side of the Atlantic. No idea.

B got word that his parents are planning on visiting on the 21st (of this month). Checking the calendar, if I am lucky, the earliest I would hear from the doctor that I can stop going to the lab (and have sex with my husband again) is the 18th. Of course, it could also be the 25th. Either way, that is a lot to deal with on your own, let alone with guests down the hall. I really want to run away.

B thinks I am crazy, but I don’t see how what has happened has gotten me any bonus points in the daughter-in-law department. Did I mention the day that I was given the drugs, was my father-in-law’s birthday? Of course, the day I had the cramping (indicating the drugs were working) was my birthday, but I am trying to forget that.

I know when people don’t like me. My intuition is pretty good on this one. What is happening is hard enough to process, but I really do not want to process it with them. I just cannot.

Meanwhile, I really need to start cleaning. At least the part for my vacuum arrived today. I love that thing – people think I have a maid.

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