mondays have become lab days

Back at the lab today. Since my doctor is on vacation this week, and his nurse is off after Tuesday, we thought we were being smart making a morning appointment. But the truth is, it probably doesn’t matter. It turns out this location is too small, so there is only one pick up per day.

The good news is that we were the only people there, so were seen quickly. The longer I wait, the greater my anxiety becomes. At this point, I am ready to get things over with, so I can leave.

[When I gave the woman at the front desk my insurance card, she asked if I was the primary card holder. B responded that he was the primary hand holder. Awwww….]

The interesting thing I did learn is that the place that actually runs the tests is a 24/7 operation. I guess that makes sense, given the nature of what they do, and that some of the tests they run are time sensitive.

The tech that helped us today explained that the test I was having done is pretty straight forward. She thinks my doctor’s office should have results by tomorrow. It turns out it is up to the individual doctor in terms of how they receive the results. Some get them by email, others by e-fax, and some even use a courier service.

She could tell I was anxious. She tried to get me to smile. When I told her that I was a needle phobe and we had been doing this for five weeks now, she decided to give my arm a break. She got out a butterfly needle that they use for infants. It is the tiniest one they have. It has two small tubes that the blood flows through and then into the collection tube.

I barely felt it. But my phobia has little to do with the pain of a needle prick.

I suspect that I will be back again next Monday.

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