surrender dorothy

At this point, if someone put a pair of red ruby slippers on my feet, I might just be willing to click three times, even though I have no idea where I might land. I can only hope it is better than here.

I am in MIL cleaning mode. That means that at this point, I have completely torn the house apart so I can put it back together, removing all traces of us, as I do.

I thought we were out of oven cleaner. But then when I made B an Epson salt foot bath to help his gout, a yellow can fell out from behind the carton under the sink. Go figure.

So today I grabbed some newspapers, put on some gloves, and took the nasty dirty drip pans from the stove outside with the yellow can. I spread out the papers on the table, put down the pans, and just as I was about to spray them realized the yellow can was knock off Pledge (furniture polish). Ugh!

I have brillo pads, but would prefer not to work so hard. Thankfully B went out and got me a yellow can of real oven cleaner (do not buy the blue can – it doesn’t work). And now my drip pans look all shiny and new. Not that anyone will notice or care. And more than likely they will end up as dirty and disgusting as they were by the time these three weeks are over. But at least I have a can of oven cleaner.

Also, I am secretly hoping that the fumes from the oven cleaner somehow lower my HCG levels. At this time no one has any advice on anything you can do to lower your HCG levels. There are no foods you can eat or eliminate from your diet. I debated standing on my head, but thought better of it. I am just tired of this.

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