holding on tightly

Freaked out a little tonight. I had a cup of peppermint tea around 5:30pm, and after I was finished with it, my whole body just felt hot. It was odd. I thought maybe I just needed to lie down, so I excused myself quietly and went upstairs to bed.

I had been having mild pain again in my left side (which is where the ectopic pregnancy was found). It was similar to what I had after the Methotrexate was administered. It seemed a little weird as I am not 5 weeks out, and maybe that is why I freaked a little. I think too I have been overdoing it.

I was having trouble controlling my body temperature. I went from hot to cold and back. I checked my temperature with that thermometer I got in the hospital in Berlin. It said 37C, which is normal, although typically I run a bit lower with this instrument. It may be time we invest in a better one. It is just I really never get sick.

I was supposed to make dinner tonight – chicken adobo. I just didn’t think I could do it. I was just feeling off. I also had no appetite. All I wanted to do was lie down and feel better.

When I started to shake for no reason, I decided maybe I should check in with the on-call doctor. It was about 9:15pm.

It was not my doctor who was on-call, but the doctor who called was very nice. She said it was good that I called, but said I should just continue to monitor things and call her if anything changed. Bleeding would be a bad sign, and thankfully I am doing okay in that department. I also learned that my HCG levels have gone down. They are at 401 as of Monday. I made another appointment for the lab.

I am feeling somewhat better. I went downstairs and had some of the chicken broth I made from the roasted chicken. It wasn’t the best (as really it needs to be turned into soup), but I just didn’t feel like much else. Oh, and I have had lots of water, so I have been running to the bathroom. To add to the fun, the plumber (who didn’t show up today) has promised to be here around 8am tomorrow.

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