no results

I gave in and called my doctor’s office this afternoon around 4 0’clock. I hate waiting, and I know not knowing the results stresses me out.

I spoke with a woman named Lupe, who pulled up my file and said that there were no results. When I told her they were normally back by now, she suggested I call back in the morning. I don’t think Lupe understands that I haven’t had sex with my husband in about two months (and that his birthday is on Friday). It sounds like Lupe doesn’t really enjoy her job. Maybe I should help her do something about that?

Up to this point, my results have been back by now. When I asked a woman at the lab how things work, she explained that an HCG test is fairly standard, so it should be done the night it arrives, and the results ready in the morning at my doctor’s office, as they send them out immediately. I learned that the actual tests are done at another location which is open 24/7. It seems fairly sophisticated. I just really hope that there isn’t a problem.

And by problem, I mean that my blood sample was lost, and I have to go and have another needle stuck in my arm. While I am getting better at having blood drawn, I still don’t like it one iota. I still worry about passing out.

I know these things happen, and the lab was crazy on Monday, but still, they seem to have a pretty good system. You have to check your name on the label after they take your blood and sign a paper saying you checked it.  I guess we have been lucky. I have had blood taken about 9 times in the last 8 weeks. The first time they took 4 vials, so I guess that was vial 13.

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