they leave at last

When heading to Asia from LAX, the red eye flight probably is your best bet, especially since you will technically lose a day. If you leave here late at night, you will arrive there early in the morning. And if you can sleep on the plane, you might just get something done on your first day.

It is a pain though for those who are not traveling with you. It means sitting around and watching two crazy people pack and unpack all day. Actually, this time they did finish most of their packing while we were playing tour guides at California Adventure with the cousins. But there are always the last minute perishable items.

We sort of had lunch with them. I still don’t understand how it can be so hard for four people under the same roof with no real plans to sit down at the table together and eat. Oh wait, you have to communicate to do that. What was I thinking?!

They only hung around because I realized I forgot to cook the 6 ears of corn I got for the party on Thursday. They like corn apparently.

But after lunch, they were going to go out to H Mart to buy some fruit to bring back with them. Don’t ask. And yes, they do live on a tropical island.

Instead, I am not really sure what they did all afternoon. B did tell them though that we might get invited to have dinner with his cousins, and if we did, we were going. Manage those expectations!

They finally decided to leave for the store after 5pm. I happened to be downstairs when they left, so they asked if I needed anything from the store. I told them I didn’t (leaving out the part about the current state of the poor refrigerator). They asked me to tell B that they were going to the grocery store, which I did when I went back upstairs.

And of course, not too long after that, B got a call from his cousin, asking if we wanted to join them for dinner down in Newport Beach in an hour. That is a solid 45 minutes away, and the outlaws were still not back, and not answering their phone.

It turns out that they didn’t go to H Mart. They went to mass. Their friends always go to 5 o’clock mass on Friday, so I guess they decided last minute to go. They will lose Sunday on this trip (yes, Mother’s Day), so I guess they figured this would be there only chance to get that crossed off the list.

B managed to get a hold of them to tell them we were going to be leaving. B’s father apparently was okay without saying goodbye. So was I.

But then the phone rang again. It was his mother. She said they were on their way and we should wait for them. Of course then she said she really wanted to go to H Mart and couldn’t we just wait? Seriously? That about explains all you need to know right there.

I was dressed and ready to go and told B to get his shoes on already. We said goodbye in the driveway. That seemed fitting. They were like two very naughty children this trip who are definitely in need of a good spanking.

They didn’t even have to close the garage door, so they could just drive back out and go to the grocery store already. I think they really just wanted us to sit around all evening (Saturday night, no less) and watch them pack the final things in their luggage. They had B’s Uncle picking them up at 8:30pm. They had no plans for dinner. We were just supposed to wait for them to leave and then try and find some place to eat around here at 9 o’clock at night?

Instead, we drove to Newport Beach and had a nice dinner with B’s cousins. I had them all laughing with stories of my crazy family. They almost didn’t want to leave to use the restroom for fear of missing something.

It was nice to return to an empty house. People think I joke about the returning of balance to the universe, but there really was a small earthquake tonight that rattled the house for a few seconds.

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