another monday at the lab

I really hope we get good news this week. I really do think if you stuck a fork in me, I would be done. I really do not know how I could do another week of this. My veins are spent.

My appointment was at 3pm this afternoon. Thankfully, the waiting room was empty. There was a weird guy getting his blood drawn. He was talking a lot, and loudly, and was way too animated when he left, but he did finally leave.

Thankfully too the TV was also not working. They usually have this crazy health channel on, that just seems to be to scare people than anything else. It is not very relaxing.

There were also two new people working the lab today. I do not know how you can go some place every week for at least 10 weeks, and still see completely new people. I think one was a trainee too. And guess who did the draw?!

I decided to use my left arm, as the black and blue on my right arm is still healing from 2 weeks ago. David, the phlebotomist, wasn’t having much luck getting any blood. As he was digging the needle  around in my arm – yes, literally – he asked if they had ever tried to do a hand draw. Seriously?!

This is not a question you pose to a normal person while you have a needle stuck in her arm, but to a needle phobe, it is definitely the wrong thing to ask. I was almost in tears.

If I hadn’t been ready to freak the F out, I would have told him that I was not willing to be his human pin cushion. I do not know if they need to do so many of x procedures before being allowed to move on, but I was not going to be that person for him. I will not be leaving positive feedback for him when the survey comes to my email tonight.

By some amazing grace though, he managed to get the blood to start flowing and got an entire tube. I was relieved, but also light headed. Thankfully I once more managed not to pass out.

I really had to pee as I drank about a liter of water before we left in hopes it would help make this draw go easier (but I refuse to use the bathroom there for fear of catching something). I even took a shower so that my veins might be more visible. I really will never ever be a drug addict.

Next Monday is a holiday. There was a note on the door to the lab announcing that they would be closed. That means if I am not to zero, I will have to go next Tuesday, and wait until at least Wednesday to get my results. I have mentioned the no sex thing, right?

Dear Lord,

Please let this pregnancy be over. I am really really tired and drained. It isn’t funny any more.


p.s. You really do have a sick sense of humor.

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