The nurse at my doctor’s office just called. My HCG is down to 24. But 24 is still not <5. So back to the lab I must go next week.

She tried to be funny. But this really isn’t funny any more.

I think she may have also said that they will be out all next week. I know the lab is closed on Monday for the holiday. So the question now is when to make the appointment.

In other news, the Civic now has a working AC again! B rented a car for the day yesterday, only to learn that we arrived too late at the car repair place, so they would need to keep the car for 2 days. The good news was they could let us borrow a loaner for the second day.

Renting the car was a joke. There was something off with the guy who helped us. Granted, he was the only one working, and it was busy and they only had a minivan left. Plus from the call he took while we were waiting it sounded like someone he rented to had had a problem with the car and decided to keep the keys.

At any rate, the compact car B rented turned into a minivan with no gas in it. No, really. And this was not Rent A Wreck. Or even the place around the corner that kept giving us cars with weird problems. This was a top brand rental company.

The loaner car turned out to be the mechanic’s own car. A well-loved Honda with just about 200k miles on it. The mechanic’s books were in the back seat from a class he is taking at Cal State. It, too, was also almost out of gas, but I really didn’t mind adding gas to that tank.

And finally, it would seem that in his rush to get his visa application out the door, B forgot to include the photo that is required, and which we had done down in Irvine one afternoon while the outlaws were in town. The UPS driver, Linda, delivered the incomplete application this morning. She knocked twice because she knew we were home and this needed a signature.

Thankfully we were able to resend it this morning after returning the minivan. I also became the mayor of the post office. So, there is that.



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