tuesday at the lab

Since Monday was a holiday, we were back at the lab today. It went okay overall, but I do not know how 20 minutes can be filled with so much craziness.

When we arrived, there was a couple waiting. The same people that were working there last week, were also working there today. I was getting a vibe that they remembered me, and that perhaps my unfavorable review had been shared with the phlebotomist-in-training. Someone needed to tell him though that it is not a good time to ask if you have ever had blood drawn from your hand while you are poking a needle around in someone’s arm (and especially not someone who is clearly anxious).

Shortly after I signed in and sat down, the man of the couple was called back. His female counterpart waited in the waiting area. I just sat there hoping that I would not have a similar experience to last week. My hands started sweating.

The couple left, and the new guy asked for my paperwork and insurance card. As he was making yet another copy of both sides of my card (this seems ridiculous since they enter the information into the computer too), the phone rang.

It would seem that the woman on the other end of the phone wanted him to call her doctor and share the fax number of the lab with them. He put her on hold. Meanwhile his supervisor came out to the waiting area and seemed to be busy with some sort of project, but realized as a woman walked in with a specimen, that perhaps she better help out before things really got chaotic. Let’s just say the new guy is not a multi-tasker.

The supervisor asked if I had an appointment, and what time it was for. I told her it was for 3, and she looked at the clock a bit shocked. She told me to go back and started entering my information into the system while the new guy took care of the phone call and the woman with the specimen.

The supervisor came back to collect my credit card so that she could charge me the $25 fee. More on this in a bit. And then she came back and drew my blood after returning my bank card and my receipt. She was done in seconds. She was able to even use my right arm.

B said he was glad his foot wasn’t hurting because he didn’t think he could keep up with me, as I exited the lab so quickly. I was so glad to be out of there. I really hope we are done with this for now. I was doing so well too. But all it takes are a few bad experiences, and it wipes the good away.

Oh, and about the $25. They have finally started to show up as deductions on my bank account. I have received about four Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from my health insurance provider. They say that the amount I actually owe is $30.50. So the question remains if the lab will bill me for the additional $6.50. And if so, if they will be sent to me one at a time.

The best part is that there is no way to match up the deductions from my checking account with any date of service. I honestly don’t know how they get away with this. Even better, there was the one day at the lab where things were so crazy that I was not charged at all. That means I have absolutely no paperwork for that visit.

Keep in mind that the EOBs are from the beginning of April. It is now almost June! If I am lucky, I might be finished with the billing by September.

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