call the plumber and aaa

File this under, “things that could only happen to us”. Last Thursday night, while I was helping B play raccoon (aka take the trash cans to the curb), I noticed some water trickling out of the garage. I paused and asked B what he thought was going on. He tried to blame the sprinklers, which had just gone off, but I looked again, and that just didn’t make sense.

So we went into the house and into the garage, which we both try to avoid for fear of being attacked by a giant spider (or worse). Sure enough, there was a puddle of water from near the water heater running across the garage to the garage door. There were things in the path of the water, but most of it was empty boxes.

The only thing is that we couldn’t find the actual source of the water. It didn’t seem to be coming from the water heater. There was some wetness and marks along the platform that the water heater and heater for the house both sit on. But there was no gushing water. It was very odd.

To be safe, we bottled up some water and then B shut off the water supply. When we checked the next morning, the puddle had mostly dried up. Still, we needed to find a plumber. This didn’t seem like a job for the plumber who was involved in the toilet fiasco. Besides, at this point, I highly doubt he would drive out here to do a job for us. So I spent about an hour doing some research on line. We were not using the Penny Saver, as someone suggested.

B called and ended up being routed to a dispatcher. Before he even hung up, he had two calls. I am not sure how he picked, but I think we got lucky. The plumber who arrived had 25 years experience, and was willing to explain things.

He was very shocked to NOT find water gushing out of our water heater, especially after he managed to climb up on a wooden flat and exclaimed that our water heater had the worst rot he had ever seen. I hate this house.

So were does AAA come into play? Well, there was the matter of the 30-year old Benz parked in the garage. It managed to not get a single drop of water on it. But it had to be moved so the plumber could park his pick up truck inside and more easily remove and replace the water heater.

B’s father keeps the car’s battery unhooked when he isn’t in town. B managed to hook it back up, and even move it to the street (after I found the keys in their hidden spot – the one secret my father-in-law has ever shared with me). But I guess when B tried to restart the car and return it to the garage, the connection to the battery got unhooked and the car stalled and would not start again. So after spending Friday with the plumber, we spent Saturday moving the car less than 100 feet.

I am sure the guy from AAA was amused when he tested the battery and the alternator and both tested out fine. He reconnected the battery and B was on his way. He actually took the Benz for a little cruise to get some bubble tea.

We still have to finish getting rid of the wet boxes in the garage. When my friend suggest I have a garage sale, I almost wet my pants. There isn’t really anything people might buy. Among the hidden gems:

  • 30-year old toilet seat (used)
  • broken 30-year old lamp shade
  • shopping bags filled with shopping bags
  • 2 toilet seat boxes (I guess they got the other one back)
  • radiology text books (probably 20 or more years old and out of date)
  • hangers
  • roof tiles

We now have a new hot water heater. B thinks the old was was about 15-years old, so I guess it was more than passed time to replace it. In many ways we were lucky. The water damage was minor and we managed to catch the leak early.

on the night stand :: Z is for Moose

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