texting across the room

On Sunday, we ventured out to the OC to pick up some canning equipment at South Coast Plaza. It’s true – I came home with a new canning pot with a rack and a box of accessories. The peach tree is bearing much fruit this year, so I decided to make some jam.

Before heading back we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop, and then went to Peet’s because B needed to pee. Ironically the coffee shop lacked a restroom, but there was one nearby in the shopping center.

I got us each an iced tea, and found two comfy-looking chairs by the window. B came back and sat down, but decided the sun from the window behind us was too much (to be fair, the window lacked a blind), so he moved to a table that became vacant across the way. I stayed put. I think he was a bit miffed.

A few minutes later, a text message popped up on my phone. It was B. The conversation went like this:

B: I’m enjoying the view.

Me: Can you see up my dress or something?

B: Yup. But you have to be sitting at my level here. Pretty low.

Me: What color are my panties?

B: Beigeish.

Me: Nope. Try again.

B: I didn’t say I could see all the way up your dress.

Me: Oh. Ok.

I tried not to get offended about the “beigeish” comment. Does that mean he thinks my undies are dingy? Or was he thinking about my one pair of underwear that is more on the peach side? Hmm….

on the night stand :: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

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