my thoughts on girls

We started watching the HBO series, “Girls”, on the night of its finale. Thanks to HBO-on-Demand, we watched 2-3 episodes a night, and finished in less than a week. The first season is only 10 episodes, each about 30-minutes. There is also a few minute spot with the star/writer/producer, Lena Dunham, in which she talks about the episode.

The series is about a group of 20-something girls. They are not long out of college, and trying to make it in New York. None of the characters is extremely likeable, but I still found myself hooked, and I am not sure why. I mean not for anything, but I am old enough to be the mother of these girls (scary thought, but true). And of course, my twenties were nothing like this.

If you are completely unfamiliar, here is a brief overview, without spoilers. The main character is Hannah. She is played by Lena Dunham. In the opening scene of the pilot her parents come to town and take her out to dinner, only to tell her they are cutting her off. Hannah has been interning for over a year (read working for free) while writing her book. She lives with her best friend, Marnie, who seems to be the most together of the characters, but really she isn’t. Marnie and Hannah are friends with Shoshanna, the most innocent of the group. And then there is Shoshanna’s British cousin, Jessa, who has come back to New York to mix things up a bit (and boy does she do a good job).

My favorite character is Adam, Hannah’s boyfriend. Well, not really boyfriend, but I don’t know what else to call him aside from well, f*ck-buddy. He is basically crazy, but oh my god! he has the sexist voice. But that isn’t the only reason I fell for him. He really does have his moments.

The ten episodes take you through the bigger problems that can pop up when you are at that stage in life: STDs, unwanted pregnancy, weird bosses, finding a job, finding yourself, watching other people succeed, breakups, and crazy parties. Again, I thankfully skipped most of these at that stage of life, but I was sucked into this show. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Maybe I just enjoy the train wreck? Or I just feel blessed to have somehow skipped out on much of this drama. Or maybe it is the sex?

on the night stand :: How Should A Person Be? by Shelia Heti

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