adventures in targetland

I have a confession. I have toilet paper issues. If there are fewer than 6 rolls in the house, I get anxious. It stems from having a mother who told me stories about what it is like to share a hallway bathroom with the 17 people who lived on their floor. She told me about wiping herself with newspaper or paper bags – and that was on the good days!

After finding myself in a friend’s bathroom and an empty roll, I brought her a six-pack the next time I visited. Thankfully I also carry my own in my purse, so was covered. As I said, I know I have issues.

At any rate, I am also frugal, so do not like overpaying for something that you literally flush down the toilet. Thus, I watch for the sales. And as luck would have it, we were approaching that 6-roll mark, and Target was having a sale on my preferred brand – I am picky too.

It actually turned out that if you bought two packages, they would give you a $5 gift card. It was one of those deals where you could pick two from a list of items. We were also running low on paper towels, which was another of the sale items. The plan was I would buy a pack of toilet paper and a pack of paper towels, and B would get two packs of toilet paper. As  said, I really don’t like overpaying for this stuff, and I don’t like to worry about running out.

We finished our shopping and got in line. The woman ahead of me was literally opening a bottle of pain medicine and popping pills while at the check out lane because she was having some sort of stomach bloating. Did I mention it was approaching 9:30pm on a Tuesday? She way over-shared with the cashier.

I was ready with my two items. Credit card in hand. Swipe, hit cancel, sign, press enter, collect my receipt and gift card and go. Only one problem. No gift card. Also, $30 seemed a bit high for these two items. She told me to go over to guest services.

B had moved over to another lane and was in the process of being rung up, so I picked up my pack of mega rolls along with my giant package of paper towels and marched over to guest services. There was one guy working, and he was about finished with the transaction.

I explained what happened, and he pulled out this week’s flyer from a drawer where sure enough, there were the paper towels and the mega roll toilet paper. He entered in some info, and handed me my gift card. By this point, B had come over with our cart.

I thought I was finished, but as I was walking out, I realized the real problem. Instead of being charged the $10.49 for each item – the price listed in the flyer – I had been charged $17.99 for the paper towels. So I walked back to the counter of guest services and pointed this out.

The team member told me that the lowest price for that item was $14.99. He got on his walkie-talkie and made someone on the floor mosie over to the paper towel aisle. He read off some numbers and she confirmed what I saw – that there was a sign saying that those were the sale item, and were marked $10.49. He told her to remove that sign. He credited my account seven dollars and change. He also thanked me.

I felt good for standing up for myself. The reality was I was supposed to buy the 8-pack of paper towels and not the 12-pack. In my defense, I was just going by the sign (also they didn’t have any 8-packs). All I remembered from the ad was the brand of towels, and that it was a package too big to fit in any of the cupboards in the house.

We were almost killed a few times trying to exit the parking lot. But hey, at least we didn’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper!

on the night stand :: The Phantom of the Post Office

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