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Woke up this morning to news that 8 athletes competing at the Olympics in badminton were disqualified for essentially, cheating. It seems that in an effort to end up at the next round with a lesser competitor, they decided to lose – and most didn’t try very hard at that either. In fact, reports said that the crowds in the audience began booing once they realized what was happening. I guess I stand corrected in my statement that those who compete at this level want to win fair and square. When does losing become a strategy  – at the Olympics, no less?!

In other news, there is much noise over the Chick-Fil-A debate. Today the group who support the values of the company’s president, are asking people to go get a chicken sandwich or three. Meanwhile those on the other side, are staging a same-sex kiss-in on Friday night. Some think it is about free speech, others don’t get all the fuss is about chicken (although I do believe the company has about $2 billion in annual sales), others feel that it is about supporting your beliefs with your wallet (again though there are other companies with similar stances that seem to get a pass). Even fewer people point out that the items on the menu are not very healthy (laden with sodium and fat), which seems like the best reason of all to avoid it. Me? I only eat there on Sunday.

Lesser attention is being given to the new rule that went into effect today on the health care front, specifically regarding additional coverage for women. Perhaps because for most women it doesn’t really go into effect until January or next July – it really depends on when your company’s benefit year begins again. Most stories have been boggled down in the contraception debate, but really someone needs to talk to some primary care doctors and see how this impacts their business. Co-payments help keep the lights on while they wait for EOB’s and payment. We already have a shortage of primary care doctors, so when 2014 rolls around there will be supply problems – this is what we should be talking about.

But in a bit of good news, the electric grid is back up in India. The media seemed very late to jump on this story when it happened, although it shut down transportation, which shut down many businesses. Since the country is used to regular brown outs, the larger companies and places like hospitals do have back up generators, but smaller business do not. This was sort of a big deal.


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