the gala

One afternoon while we were eating lunch, B casually mentioned that someone he knew from Twitter was coming to LA in a couple of weeks. He said she wanted to meet us for lunch. It sounded like it could be fun, although I honestly had no idea who he was talking about.

I decided to follow her on Twitter, so at least I knew a little about her, and I could carry on some type of conversation. Imagine my surprise when she sends me a bunch of direct messages asking me to get B to contact her because she wants to invite us to this gala. She tries to assure me that she is not a stalker. I couldn’t help but laugh because I have had the same feeling before when reaching out to someone on line.

B ended up calling her and the details were shared. We would meet her Tuesday in the later afternoon. It turned out that there were a few empty seats at her company’s table, and since her schedule was too crazy to meet us for lunch, she figured this was a win-win.

I learned that the gala was for The Thirst Project. I looked them up online, so I at least had some idea what they were about. They rang a bell, although the organization does target a tad younger audience. Of course, I learned much more at the event.

For starters, because of a board that has been set up to take care of the costs of the day-to-day operation of the project, it means that 100% of the money raised at the event, goes towards education, building wells, and getting clean water to the people of the world who need it most. The organization was founded by Seth Maxwell when he was 19. His friend showed him a photo from his trip to Uganda, and from that, Seth made it his mission to help bring clean water to millions of people. He has done just that.

The gala was held at The Beverly Hilton, in the grand ballroom. This is where the Golden Globe awards are also held. There was a red carpet for the many celebrities who were there to help raise money for this cause. I believe they raised close to $200k before the night was over. It was truly amazing.

Despite the craziness of the day, we had a great time. We were both glad we were able to attend. It was nice to meet our host, and I hope our paths cross again.

One of my favorite moments was at dessert, before the program started, our host pulled two women who were in the seating area behind us. To allow more people to attend, and watch the award presentation of the gala, there was an area behind the tables where everyone had been dining. Because we still had a few empty seats at our table, she brought this women over not only so that they would be closer, but made sure they had dessert and took home swag bags. I just love when people do things like this.

I’ll leave you with some facts. If nothing else, it may make you more thankful for that water that comes out of your tap.

  • Almost a billion people lack access to safe, clean, drinking water.
  • The average woman walks nearly 4 miles to get clean water.
  • A child dies every 15 seconds from diseases caused from lack of clean water.
  • More than 2.2 million people die every year because of water-borne diseases.
  • A well costs between $5,000 – $12,000 and can provide safe water to 500 people indefinitely.

on the night stand :: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood

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