downton abbey live action version

While B’s parents were here, they received an email that one of their maids had packed up her stuff and left. Suddenly we found ourselves in a very bizarre episode of Downton Abbey. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. Also, things are very complicated, but you probably expected that.

The real issue actually seemed to be the cook. She has been in their employ for 7 years, and well, she is a bitch (plus not really a great cook). She doesn’t get along with the other staff and has even had it out with several members of the family. So the question suddenly became should they fire the cook, and hope that the maid would return upon hearing this good news? The only real issue was finding someone to tell them what happened. And here is where it gets interesting.

This happened on May 1, which is Labor Day, pretty much everywhere else in the world, so everyone had the day off. They tried to contact the sister who lives at the house via Skype, but she was not answering. It would seem the only person they could get a hold of was the sister who lives at their old house while she takes care of grandpa. The issue now became trying to FaceTime with her, and realizing her iPad is only a first generation, which lacks a camera, so it wouldn’t work.

Seriously, at one point, there were at least 6 phones within arms reach, and no one could figure out how to get in touch with this woman. B finally picked up his phone (almost an hour into the madness) and called her. Of course, she knew nothing, as she doesn’t live at the house where this happened. She did somehow know though that her sister was in her room at the other house with the door locked. Go figure.

Everyone was exhausted and so went to bed with the issue unresolved. Eventually they did manage to talk to the sister who lives at the house, who also said she knew nothing about what happened.

The other issue that came up was the fact that the outlaw’s son-in-law who also lives at the house, really doesn’t like the cook. He would really like to see her replaced, but has not offered up any candidates. The outlaws did agree with the theory that part of the problem right now is that because of the boys, the staff are probably a bit confused as to really who is in charge. Should they obey the boy’s parents, or their grandparents? Ideally, B’s parents would love to turn over the staffing of the house to their daughter and son-in-law, although they don’t want to do so without replacements lined up.

The really funny thing was that they joked about the cook leaving as not being as big a problem because they could just eat out until a replacement was found. Of course, if a maid quits, these folks are used to not doing much of anything around the house. B’s parents hinted that they weren’t used to having to bring their plates to the sink. I kid you not.

Of course it ended up that the maid just had a headache. Really. She never quit. It was all just some strange misunderstanding. At this news, my mother-in-law announced that her vacation had been saved. No really, that is what she said.



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1 Response to downton abbey live action version

  1. faeriekissed says:

    Ok. That’s it. You DO make this stuff up. 🙂

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