how we spent our 25th anniversary

A few years ago I somehow figured out the day B and I first met. This year marked 25 years. Part of me wanted to do something big, but given that the outlaws were in town, I knew that would be impossible. We didn’t even tell them. I mean, not for anything, but I have a feeling it isn’t something they would want to celebrate.

It was Monday, and I guess they were tired of the offerings in the fridge and the local Chinese take out. They wanted to go out. The Beast had mentioned wanting to go back to this fish restaurant over in Chino Hills. It is under $12 per person, it’s casual dining, and she liked it before. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything.

I suggested it to B and told him that she had mentioned wanted to go there, so it was agreed. We drove them over in our car, and because it was Monday night, it wasn’t very crowded. We easily found a good parking spot.

This is the kind of place where you order at the counter and then sit down and they bring you your food. As I said, it isn’t fancy, but it isn’t bad. Well, maybe wasn’t, would be more accurate.

It seemed as though they had changed their menu a bit. The only thing I really eat there are the crab cakes. They aren’t the best, but they aren’t $40 either (we still cannot remember where I got those delicious crab cakes). I just get the appetizer portion because I don’t really like their fries. Plus, if it is happy hour – which it was – they are half price. I noticed right away that they had changed the item to “krab” cakes. Not a good sign, but I ordered them anyway. They also had a great scallop appetizer, which was now gone from the menu.

At any rate, the outlaws grabbed a table and sat down to study the menu. Sometimes they act like there will be a test. They told us to go ahead and order, which we did. When we joined them at the table, they still seemed very undecided. I may have said something about ordering soon so that we didn’t end up getting our food at different times. Of course, that would turn out to bite me on the butt before the night was over.

They finally went up to the counter to order, and I guess when they heard it was happy hour and half price appetizers, they went a little overboard. They each ordered a bowl of the clam chowder, plus a krab cake appetizer, a piece of fried fish, a side of rice, a side of hummus, and this fried skinless chicken (I know, who orders chicken at a fish place?).

Meanwhile, my order was dropped off at the table and I dug in. B helped, as I guess he was hungry. I really wasn’t, so didn’t mind.

Not too long there after, their food starts showing up. I was shocked by how much food they had ordered. Meanwhile, there is no sign of B’s food, but to be fair, he did order an actual entree. It finally arrived around the time I was done.

We ended up going over to the bookstore, and they said they would meet us there. Of course, they showed up with a bag of leftovers. That chicken wasn’t a hit, and at one point it ended up hidden in the bottom drawer of the fridge between a bunch of cheese they bought at Costco. I am sure someone eventually tossed it.

We had wanted to take them to the waffle place next door to get dessert, but they weren’t interested. In the end, B and I shared a cup of custard by ourselves. We were going to walk around for a bit, but it was getting late and most of the other places were closed. Also, I had stepped wrong (or maybe onto something) and so my left foot was in a bit of pain. I could still walk (and drive), but didn’t want it to get worse.

So we headed back without buying anything at the bookstore. B went to go find his parents and it seemed that the Beast had spent her time reading some sort of crazy medical article. She shared this valuable information with us as we drove back to the house. She also shared that she didn’t like the fish place any more. One less option.

The best part though was when we got inside the house and she said she felt like she was home, or something to that effect. I never feel that way when I walk inside that door. Ever.

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