you think he did what

On one of their many trips to Costco, the outlaws picked up some solar powered outdoor lamps. They were on sale. They got 8.

They wanted to make sure they worked, so they put them out in the yard to test. Fair enough. It turned out that one seemed to be broken, but really someone had just put the battery in incorrectly. Go figure.

For whatever reason once they had gotten past all of that, they decided to leave them outside. It did seem odd, especially given that they were in the midst of packing by this point, but who knows why they do the things they do?

The lights were outside when we came back from B’s birthday dinner, but when we came downstairs to breakfast the next morning, two of them were knocked over. Upon realizing this, the Beast blurts out that B must have done it. Really? To be fair, the squirrels were also on her list of suspects, but B was first.

I know she has no filter, but did she really think her grown son came downstairs between 10:30pm and 10:00am and went outside and knocked over two of their solar garden lamps? What could his motive possibly be? What was he trying to prove?

Not for anything, but LA was under a high wind warning. There was a brush fire less than 2 miles from the house earlier in the week. It couldn’t possibly have been the winds that knocked them over, especially if they weren’t properly installed in the first place? That would be too logical. Right?

While we were at dim sum, I shared this story. B wasn’t there when he was accused, and was actually amused by the accusation. He told his friends that it couldn’t have been him because that is not his style. He would have either knocked down just one of the lamps, or all four. Two was just wrong.

B then said something silly (I cannot recall what right now) and someone asked what I was going to do to him. Without skipping a beat, I said that I was going to tell his mother that he did indeed knock over the lamps. I would tell her how he broke down in the car crying because he didn’t want the squirrels to get in trouble. Then she could take care of him. Of course, I was just kidding.

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