penny wise pound foolish

One of the things that really drives me batty during these visits is their illogical logic. A big part of it centers around how they look at the cost of things, and it always seems to end with B trying to argue that I just want his parents to spend more money, which is not my argument at all. I am just tired of hearing how cheap everything is, when it really isn’t.

Take for example, that on their first trip to Costco this visit, they came home with a box of 15 Häagen Dazs ice cream bars. I think the cost worked out to less than one dollar each, but the only flavor they carry is vanilla with milk chocolate almond topping. Now I don’t know about you, but if I am going to splurge on those calories, I want to make them count, so we only buy the chocolate ice cream with the dark chocolate coating, because those are our favorite.

It turned out that B and I had been “cleaning” out the freezer before they arrived. B noticed that somehow a box of ice cream bars that we had bought a few months back had somehow been jammed into the back. We ate those before they got here, although they were a different brand, and not chocolate-chocolate. What B had missed was a single Häagen Dazs bar, not in a box, just “hidden” under some frozen spinach. I wonder who did that?

So before they dug into the new box of “Popsicles”, I went and pulled out the hidden treasure. As I said, there was no way of knowing what flavor it was from the packaging, but I knew we only ever buy the chocolate-chocolate, because it is what we prefer to eat. The PM went and got a knife and cut the ice cream bar in half. Sure enough, it was that lovely deep brown inside. Why would you buy anything else? Who cares how much it costs?

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, they were on the hunt for an umbrella to use to block the sun over their pool. What they really wanted was an umbrella on a cantilever, so they could change the position of the umbrella over the pool as sun shifts. A well-made one is at least $800 with the base. They, of course, did not want to spend that much.

They also went back and forth over whether they would buy an umbrella at all because it was so expensive to ship. In the end, they bought a cheap umbrella, made to use with a table, which I am guessing might last them one summer. It wasn’t what they wanted, and it didn’t make the cost of the shipping less expensive (as it is based on the size of the box and not the weight).

My argument is that if you are going to pay the exorbitant shipping costs, why not get an umbrella that might last you a few years? This way you don’t have to pay to ship another umbrella next year when you have to replace it. Oh wait, that would be logical.

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