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4749 days

Thirteen years go by in the blink of an eye and yet there are times when it can feel like an eternity. Honestly, I don’t know how I survived the first 13 minutes. I am not sure how I made … Continue reading

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birthdays are rough

Today is my mother’s birthday. She should have turned 62. Please don’t say you are sorry. Really, there isn’t anything you or anyone can say to make this better. There just isn’t. I learned (via a children’s book review site) … Continue reading

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happy half anniversary to us

Today marks our 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary. I’m trying to convince him that the traditional gift is a pony.* ______________________________ *And myself that the reason the pony hasn’t arrived is that ponies don’t like fireworks.

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4383 days

It has been (over) 12 years since I last called, spoke with, hugged, kissed, shared a meal with, laughed with, cooked for, bought a present for, received a note from, sent a letter to, went on vacation with, shared a … Continue reading

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in like a lion – out like a lamb

Isn’t that what they say about the month of March? March is one of my favorite months, in part because it is my birthday month. It is also the beginning of spring – my favorite season. I love watching the … Continue reading

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at last…

pink light byron & I were legally married on Wednesday, February, 4, 2009 – the anniversary of our first kiss. It was a private ceremony held at the LA County court house. There were no witnesses as we took advantage … Continue reading

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3288 days later

Nine years ago today, the SF Coroner's office took possession of my 49-year old mother's body. It isn't clear exactly when she died. Phone records indicated she called her father for Father's Day. It took them a few days to … Continue reading

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time flies

J & D Happy Anniversary to you both!! Wishing you many more happy years together!! Second anniversary fun facts: Tradition Gift: Cotton (table lines, gloves, hammock, towels, etc.) Modern Gift: China Color: Red Flowers: Cosmos Read and post comments

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it started with a kiss – sort of

Tonight marks the eighteenth anniversary of the first time byron and I kissed. We had known each other for about two years and were having a hard time admitting to ourselves that we were more than just friends. The details … Continue reading

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We are all still alive. Tried to go to the Huntington Library today but alas got there too late. They are only open from noon to 4:30 on weekdays, and it just didn't seem worth it for only 2 hours. … Continue reading

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