things were said

Lots of things were said, but here are some of the best gems from this visit:

You can show your green card at the hospital for free medical care. They reportedly learned this from the friend they bumped into at the grocery store. We managed to dispel this myth by pointing out that it is highly unlikely that the US government would provide something to non-citizens that it doesn’t provide to its own citizens. They at least backed down.

My blood pressure is high. It’s 120/80. I really don’t know where they get their medical information from, but that is actually the number doctors (real ones) tell people to aim for. It is considered normal.

Referring to nephew in dental school at UOP. I don’t know why he is going there. Maybe because it is the number 2 dental school in the US. Harvard is number 1. [And yes, I didn’t know Harvard had a dental school either.]

If I didn’t have a job, I’d get a job packing. I told her no one would hire her as she is too slow. It took them six days to pack 3 boxes. People expect that a house be packed up in a day.

I love packing. Related to the above. I told her she was crazy. No one likes to pack. That is why people hire other people and pay them lots of money to do it.

And, by far the winner. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

My bush is on fire! She was talking about her garden, but said this to B, who burst out laughing.

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