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hop hop hop

Happy Easter from from (l to r) Daffy, Pinkwater & Pudding! Advertisements

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no sleep til quiche

I will be up late tonight making quiche for brunch tomorrow. The crust is chilling in the fridge. The cheesecake is done. If all else fails we will have cheesecake and bacon. Did I mention I made brioche for the … Continue reading

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baking brioche

Today I made brioche. It’s for the French toast I plan on making for Easter brunch. Maybe I am crazy. All was going well. The dough rose in the bowl and then it rose in the loaf pan. Then it … Continue reading

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I wonder how many people have walked by this, having no idea it is there? Sometimes you need to change your perspective to see things more clearly. I climbed 270 steps to find this.

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my favorite spot in berlin

This one from Berlin on the Dom Berlin, I had turned into a postcard. I like that you can see the people. I still can’t believe we climbed to the top. The view is pretty amazing.

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i found paris

Last night I was finally going through my photos and realized we were missing a day from Paris. Thankfully I found the card that contained Paris. It also happened to have photos from Manila, Berlin and Disneyland. I think this … Continue reading

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a lesson in listening

I was remembering a note that I once found stuck on my front door. It started with, “Get out. You don’t belong here.” I should step back and explain that the door the post-it note was taped to wasn’t technically … Continue reading

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